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April 17, 2008

Stupid Inventions

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If you are long enough seeing funny stuff in the internet may be you will probably you seen these stupid inventions that was designed by some Japanese.

Now stupid inventions continue in 2008, and introduce you the Umbrella with built in GPS which created by the Japanese. So, when you are in the rain then you can use the GPS to guide you to where ever you want to go, but what if is not raining? well, you can still use this umbrella as a fashion so others will not tease you, but before you do that you have to write a notes and stick on the top of the umbrella and saying “I’m not stupid, this is fashion.”

Then next will be a wearable umbrella which created by the Korean. Man when I first saw this no doubt I said to mu self “what the fuck!” Well, for some people this is just another stylish umbrella.

Then the last wearable umbrella which created by the some western people I believe. This umbrella remains me a baddy named The Fury from the game Metal Gear Solid 3. This umbrella actually has a official website, so may be you can buy one to use so you can kick ass in front of your friends while is raining.

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