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April 21, 2008


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On every Sunday Akihabara(秋葉原) will block the road and not allow any cars to access, so people can show off their talents. Some Otoko will hire some girls to cosplay for them or some people will cosplay as a interest. Some will dance and some will sing, so you now get the idea about what people doing there on Sunday.Read the rest of this entry

wearing school swimsuit to promote her event that’s coming up.

See how many people around her just because she’s wearing a swimsuit thought i do not think she’s beautiful.

Eva cosplay is a must on every cosplay events.

wearing a mask is the best tool for cosplay

Boys cosplay girls? Hell to the no….

This little ball girl is very cute that she should go to join Miss Japan.

Cosplay I’s, but is “it” a girl or boy?

people who wanna be a singing stars try their best to sing and get people’s attention to support them. Some do get a little famous ike this yellow girl 北村梨恵, but most them do not.

Of course, you can not miss without this girl. I’ll post more of her different views of pictures later.

Little Red Riding Hood?

One of the Otoko below

she’s cosplaying this character below.

Cookie cosplay,o yeah~

Even rabbit rocks down the street. \(^o^)/

Hey aunt, you really should go home. You are too old for cuteness. (>_<)

???? break dance?

We will we will rock you!!!

Finally here are two beautiful cosplay girls.

Source from Akibaos.

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  1. that middle age man who’s wearing dress..is realy really funny…..

    Comment by Helen — April 22, 2008 @ 4:55 pm

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