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April 23, 2008


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Makeups do make a lot of girls to look more pretty, but most of the girls have no idea what chemicals are inside all those makeups and will those chemicals affect them to have any negative effects or not.

Here’s a makeup television commercial. When I first time saw this commercial the first thought that I had was that how can a lipstick(I know is not really the lipstick makes it not washable, but I have no idea that that call) not washable by water? The only thing that I know is not washable by water are the Enamel paint and Acrylic enamel paint. For these two type of paints you need to use thinner to wash them away. So if that lipstick is not washable by water, then it must requires thinner to wash them away. Use thinner to wash? that’s a very horrible thing to do. Ladies, think clear and do some research before you buy any makeups next time.

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