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May 13, 2008


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For those of you who knows the most powerful video game console ever in the history, Vii. Now Vii got into a upgrade, and introducing you a must have game console, the MiWi.

Very nice package, is it kind of similar to the Wii package? Well, that is because they hired the same designer for their art design.

Hella shit, still using the old fashion cartridge for media, and that is why people do not have to wait for it to load the games.

Sega the Dreamcast crossover with MiWi? I wonder what games will Sega launch for MiWi in the future.

Take a look at a game video from Vii, so you will have a sense what the MiWi games look like.

Overall just by looking at this MiWi thing, it is the same as the Vii shit because they just added some “actual” controlers into the MiWi and that is it. Moreover, that stupid MiWi still having the same games as the Vii shitty console. People who knows how to read Chinese and wanna buy one to kick ass the Wii you can check it out here. This thing costs about $85 U.S dollars, so is not cheap at all.

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