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May 22, 2008

A LCD That is Anti-scratch, Anti-knock, And You Can Draw On It

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Not long ago, Asus launched a model LS20 LCD which has a rumor in the internet saying that even crossbow can not break its screen. Today Asus announced the second version of the LS201 LCD, the LS221H.

In the announcement show, Asus brought a hammer and hit it on their new LCD model LS221H, showing people how strong their new model LCD is. Asus said the surface of the LS221H has the same hardness as the Sapphire, that Asus call it the 9H hardness protective mirror. Moreover, Asus said people can write on the LCD by markers if necessary(did not say what kind of markers).

* Size: 22
* Resolution: 1680 x1050
* Contrast: 1000:1
* Viewing angle: 170 (level) / 160 (vertical)
* Reaction time: 2 ms (gray)
* Input interface: D-Sub, HDMI
* Size: 53.1 x43.6×24.8 cm
* Weight: 7 kg
* Price: $424.00

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