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June 6, 2008

Gundam Fix Figuration #0000 1/144

This was my first time that I bought the Gundam Fix Figuration series(Gundam FIx means already painted model). Before I ordered this gundam I heard people in some forums saying that the QC (quality control) of Gundam Fix is not very stable, especially the Gundam Fix model F91 which has the worst QC ever in the Gundam Fix series. Moreover, some people gave out a tip to those people who wants to buy any Gundam Fix that they need to check carefully for any mistakes before they buy it. Conversely, I went to the risky side that I ordered my Gundam online. However, when I receive my Gundam, the QC of my Gundam is not that bad that I can say is very good, though in some parts were painted not very nicely. This Gundam costs 4,275 yen in Japan is about $40USD, and I bought it for $44.95 without shipping in the U.S Website, $10.95 USD for the shipping.