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April 30, 2009

MSN-03 Jagd Doga

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Painted and remade by Henryex

Source Via Hong Kong Model League


April 29, 2009

Scopedog ATM-09-ST

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Painted and remade by 刀鋒冷

Source via Hong Kong Model League


April 28, 2009

Mario, Pacman, Rocky Balboa, And Kangaroo In Reality

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Source Via Real Life Mario Kart and Pacman From Dannychoo.com

All these videos are funny that you must check them out especially the Rocky Balboa one.


April 27, 2009

Food Art

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Photo Source Via Dark Roasted Blend


April 26, 2009

Chocolate Case For iPod Shuffle

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Source Via Taiwan CNET

A company called SwitchEasy, which only make various cases for Apple products created this cute case called ChocoShuffle, that can turn the latest iPod Shuffle into a little chocolate. There are three colors or taste available, Strawberry Chocolate, Black Chocolate, and Milky Chocolate. This case is cost $8.99, and you can purchase it online in here


April 25, 2009

Funny Pictures #28

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April 24, 2009

World Sand Sculpture Festival 2009

Photo Source Via Pink Tentacle


April 21, 2009

Different Versions Of The Last Supper

Photo Source Via Popped Culture


April 20, 2009

Household Buildings In Japan

Via Kirainet

Household buildings in Japan are very unique and almost everyone of them have their own style; unlike the place where I live now San Francisco, where most of the household buildings were uniform built.


April 19, 2009

Operating System Interface Design From 1981 to 2009

Photo Source Via Web Designer Depot, also check out more information there.

Xerox 8010 Star (released in 1981)


April 17, 2009

Asian Show Girls 5

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Photo Source Via T.W Cnet


April 15, 2009

Picture Of The Week-How To Pick Up Girls Using Your iPhone

Photo Source Via Manolith

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