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July 29, 2008

Sit Up Dog

A very little cute computer gadget which was designed by some Japense computer geeks. Japanese named it the Humping Dog, but the American named it the Exercise Dog.

Official Japanese site Cube Works

People can also purchase this fun gadget in the U.S from this site Wowzzers for $14.99(shipping exclude).


July 9, 2008

Mouse On Fingers

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Weird gadgets will often appear once in a while and this time a mouse that you can wear in your fingers. This mouse is called 3D Optical Computer Wireless Finger Mouse, is wireless as you can see in the pictures, and in some sense its design is kind of stylish. This thing will costs $42, is a fair price.

Source PcLaunches


July 8, 2008

400GB Disc

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Source from Pioneer Official News

A Japanes compnay called Pioneer is developing a disc that can stores 400GB of stuff. Pioneer said their disc will be similar to the blue ray disc which has double layers and holds 50GB, but Pioneer will further the disc layers to 16 layers. Pioneer released a sample today (Asian time 7/8/2008) a single disc that can stores 400GB. Moreover, Pioneer said there is possible chance that their new disc will be compatible with the nowadays blue ray disc readers because their new disc’s ideas are base on the blue ray technology.

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June 12, 2008

80GB PlayStation 3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack

Thanks to Gary, a friend of mine bought the Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation Pack today 6/12/08, and lent it to me to got a first hand on Metal Gear Solid 4.


June 10, 2008

Pillow Rings

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This little pillow ring can holds your head nicely and gives you a nice nap.

The Pillow Rings’ Official Site Downstairs Studio

May 29, 2008

Express Your Expressions While Driving

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As every one knows that there is no way you can show your expressions while driving, but now you will have a chance that kind of can helps you with that. A company called Drivemocion created a sign that can attach to the rear window of the car. What the sign does is to shows four expressions figures that people wanna show to the others: happy, anger, cheeky, but people can not set any custom expressions. For more details you can go to there official website Drivemocion. This thing costs about $49, so is not that expensive for this fun gadget. A video below that shows how this thing really works.


May 23, 2008

Super “Long” Phone

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Now a day most of the phone manufacturers they will use the terms like “smallest”, “thinest” or “lightest” to promote their phones. Conversely, designer Tamer Koseli, designed a longest phone ever in the phone history, and use the term “long” as the phone’s selling point.


May 22, 2008

A LCD That is Anti-scratch, Anti-knock, And You Can Draw On It

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Not long ago, Asus launched a model LS20 LCD which has a rumor in the internet saying that even crossbow can not break its screen. Today Asus announced the second version of the LS201 LCD, the LS221H.


May 16, 2008

Stupid Invention 3

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I cannot believe that I can find a lot of stupid inventions which was created by some geeks. Here is one that I found is very very stupid, the Solar Power Bra. The bra was made by high quality organic cotton and has a removable solar cell board thing attach to where the stomach is. So when you walk you can collect sunlight and make energy to charge up the ipod, phones and other devices. Read the rest of this entry


May 15, 2008

Facial Recognition for Purchasing Cigarettes

Vending machine in Japan is very common like we having fast food restaurants everywhere in the U.S. Some of the vending machines in Japan are very rare to us since we do not have much vending machines in the U.S. For examples, noodle vending machine, ticket vending machines, comic vending machines, mp3 vending machines, underwear, DVD, Hamburger…man, they have so many vending machines that I cannot list them all. Read the rest of this entry


May 13, 2008

Desktop Toy

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Do you get bored of facing your desktop since there is no one talks with you? Now a days there are many desktop toys out in the market that you can buy for fun when you facing the computer, for two examples Nabaztag Rabbit, and Bandai Tachikoma Electronics Robot, if you are a Ghost in the Shell fan. And now I am presenting you the Chatterbots. I think is kind of fun to have on the desktop, and also cheap.



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For those of you who knows the most powerful video game console ever in the history, Vii. Now Vii got into a upgrade, and introducing you a must have game console, the MiWi.


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