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August 31, 2008

The Game Red Alert For Free Now

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If you are an old gamer then you probably should know this old classic pc game, Red Alert. I still remember Red Alert was my first time ever played real time strategy game, and I had a lot of fun playing this game back then many many years ago. After many years later, many different real time strategy games launched, still can not deny Red Alert one is one of the best real time strategy game for all time. Now EA offers one day deal which is let people download Red Alert one for free for today August 31, 2008 only, hurry download the game and have fun.

Download Here

August 27, 2008

Youthful Idols

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The idol’s age in Japan just getting younger and younger. Is is very common to see photos of age 16,15,14…female idols wearing bikini or other sexy clothes on many gravure books. Here is a little video that talks about the young idol issue in Japan. It is very funny that some people do not think young idol is a problem, for me I think this is totally insane.

Via Danny Choo


June 3, 2008

Firefox3 In The Guinness World Records

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Firefox3 is about to launch, and Mozilla thought up a way to promote is to make Firefox3 into the Guinness World Records. The way to make Firefox3 into the Guinness World Records is to gather as many people as possible to download Firefox3 in one day. Since I am a Firefox fan, I have already signed up for the action and I hope you will sign up for the action too. Sign up here. By the way, the building design below in the poster has the similar style of Bioshock. Also, there is a world map that shows you how many people who had signed up for the action in the world. Even there were 25 people signed up for the action in a unknown African country.

June 2, 2008

Christel Takigawa

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Christel Takigawa, is a Japanese and French mixed who works as a newscaster in Japan. Also, she is very famous in the otaku world that she has many otaku fans. One of her fans made a short film of her, check it out below.


May 28, 2008

A Smoking Country

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Japan is one of countries that has the highest population of smokers in the world. According to a website says “The one third of the Japanese population that smokes buys 900 million cigarettes every day, making Japan the third largest tobacco market in the world after China and the US” Tobacco in Japan. As you all can see below how many choices Japanese people have for what band of cigarettes they want to buy in the vending machines.(notice that these vending machines will not check for the age)

Picture Source From DannyChoo

May 1, 2008

Open Wide Girl Is Back

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Open wide girl finally hits the most viewed of the week in global youtube. Yeah people finally get to know this girl and soon she will be very famous in the internet for sure.


April 20, 2008

To Attract Audience

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What are some good ways to attract people to buy your stuff? Well, may be you can list a lot of good ways to attract people’s attention, but you will never thought of the way like this lady did, open wide and show off your underwear. Read the rest of this entry


April 17, 2008

Share Your Photos Free

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Now Adobe which is the company that made Photoshop offers a 2GB storage that allows you to share you photos to any of your friends for free. Adobe not only provides free storage but also gives you some useful tools to help you edit your photos so your photos will look good before you share them with your friends. Sign up for free now. HERE

April 10, 2008


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In this blog mostly I will post pictures that I take from living, also some bullshits. I will update the blog randomly, so whenever you feel bored, come and check this blog out. Peaceless yo all.