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December 29, 2013


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Check out Joan Cornell√†’s website for more of his works

November 13, 2009

Creative Fonts

Photo Source Via Beautiful Life


November 2, 2009

Creativity On Paper Towels

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Photo Source Via Divine Caroline


October 26, 2009

Money Folding

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September 22, 2009

Amusing Wall Graffiti

Photo Source Via Holy Taco


September 3, 2009

Creative WWF Advertisements

Source Via The Design Inspiration

“15km2 of rain forest disappears every minute.”


August 18, 2009

Good Packaging Designs

Photo Source Via Abduzeedo, and Lovely Package


July 29, 2009

Drawings On Coffee Cups

Photo Source Via Boy Obsolete’s photostream check out more photos in there.


July 12, 2009

Old Classic Posters

Photo Source Via Abduzeedo


June 26, 2009

Creative Typography 2

Source Via Six Revisions


June 7, 2009

Creative Surgical Masks

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Photo Source Via Kirainet, and The People’s Forum

In some countries because some people are scared of swine flu, they buy surgical masks to protect them. As you know the surgical mask just a white cloth with nothing amusing thing on it, some people are just so creative they added some elements to their surgical masks and make them look interesting.


May 25, 2009

3D Wall Painting

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Source Via Daily Mail

All these amazing wall paintings were painted by an artist named John Pugh. Check him out in Daily Mail


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