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September 18, 2008

“Thumb” Drive

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When we talking about thumb drive, we do not really mean a drive in a thumb or anything to do with thumbs. However, this gadget is a “real” thumb drive. I do not know is this a cool gadget or not since different people like different things, so you decide whether or not this a good gadget for you to use. This drive has the storage of 2GB, and costs $20 U.S.

Via Usb Geek


August 5, 2008

A Gadget That Can Cool Your Back and Butt

A Japanese company named Kuchofuku, invented a cushion that can provide 170 liters of cool air at the bottom through the built-in fan Per minute, so your back and butt will stay cool during the hot day. Because the company want people to feel the benefit of this gadget wherever people set on, the company created three different versions of this cushion. The first one is the standard version which was made by Super Spacer material, and built-in battery; the second one is the High Grade version which was using double Super Spacer material, and built-in touch sensors switch and battery; the last one is for the car seats. People can purchase this “helpful” gadget online now for U.S $89.00. For me, this gadget seem great but in fact it is stupid. Why should people buy this thing for $89 but not a cheap, big, powerful, and cool fans that they can get easily in Walgreen, Best Buy, etc. New invention is great but do not invent something that is useless, pointless, and most importantly expensive. If this gadget only cots $10 to $20, I might give it a try.

Source from Japan Trend Shop, also you can buy this gadget in there.


July 9, 2008

Mouse On Fingers

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Weird gadgets will often appear once in a while and this time a mouse that you can wear in your fingers. This mouse is called 3D Optical Computer Wireless Finger Mouse, is wireless as you can see in the pictures, and in some sense its design is kind of stylish. This thing will costs $42, is a fair price.

Source PcLaunches