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October 10, 2009

Tokyo Game Show 2009 Cosplay

Photo Source Via Grdfather’s Photostream, and Blue2342_2nd’s Photostream

Besides show girls in the game show there are also cosplay.


October 8, 2009

Tokyo Game Show 2009 Show Girls

Photo Source Via Sty_’s photostream, and  Sczoron’s photostream

Tokyo Game Show 2009 just ended few days ago (or weeks), and one of the things that Tokyo Game Show best known for besides games of course is the unique cute Japnese show girls which the American Game Show E3 lack of (the American show girls are hot and sexy but most of them are not cute). Here are some photos of the show girls in Tokyo Game Show 2009.


July 22, 2009

Tool That Helps Your Butt Rounder

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Source Via Kirainet

As everyone knows that there are many strange tools and gadgets in Japan. And today I found another strange tool which seems useful for some females.

This is a little tool that can make female’s butt rounder, or have a nice shape of butt to attract more males. However, no one knows it works or not until people actually try it for like months I believe.


July 3, 2009


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Photo Source Via Behoimi (if you like the photos of this cosplayer you can check out more of her photos in there)

Source Via Danny Choo Member Stuff


June 5, 2008

Female Soldiers And Female Officers In Different Places

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Female Soldiers

South Korea


May 25, 2008

A Guy Made a List Of His Own 11 Most Scorching-Hot Female Cosplayers Ever

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First of all, this is not my list of hottest female cosplayers, this is another person’s list. Moreover, I totally disagree with his list that is not my taste at all, but I do not know what you guys think because may be some of you might like his list.


May 5, 2008

Ataru Nakamura

I just found a song that I very like and I wanna share it to you all. Hear the song first then check out my description below. You can just hear the song and follow the english translation without looking at the video.

A poem to a friend (友達の詩)

i can see before it happends
this trival love
has come along.. right?

a heartache that doesn’t heal
its only hidden by other scars..
it is discovered easy
It flows from somewhere*

It is ok if I just hold your hand
It is ok if we just walk together
Because even that is dangerous
Its ok if that precious one is just a friend

If I didn’t get close to you, could we be together?
if I was conscious
after such a long time
I’ve realized it is impossible

you laugh at me
but i cannot hate you
I blame myself
Always ashamed

It is ok if I just hold your hand
It is ok if we just walk together
Because even that is dangerous
Its ok if I just can look at my precious one

when you forget , and we meet again
I hope we could be like this

cause its ok if we are just friends