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May 19, 2009

Creative USB Drives

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Source Via Blue Blots


October 11, 2008

Show Girls

Since there are a lot of tech companies in Taiwan, a lot of gadget shows, events, etc happen in Taiwan. In those shows or events, the show girls are the must to have element in the show because without the show girls less likely people will go to see their new gadgets (only the people who really like about tech will go even without the show girls). Here are some photos of the Taiwanese show girls that were taken by the Cnet editors, enjoy.

Via T.W Cnet


August 5, 2008

A Gadget That Can Cool Your Back and Butt

A Japanese company named Kuchofuku, invented a cushion that can provide 170 liters of cool air at the bottom through the built-in fan Per minute, so your back and butt will stay cool during the hot day. Because the company want people to feel the benefit of this gadget wherever people set on, the company created three different versions of this cushion. The first one is the standard version which was made by Super Spacer material, and built-in battery; the second one is the High Grade version which was using double Super Spacer material, and built-in touch sensors switch and battery; the last one is for the car seats. People can purchase this “helpful” gadget online now for U.S $89.00. For me, this gadget seem great but in fact it is stupid. Why should people buy this thing for $89 but not a cheap, big, powerful, and cool fans that they can get easily in Walgreen, Best Buy, etc. New invention is great but do not invent something that is useless, pointless, and most importantly expensive. If this gadget only cots $10 to $20, I might give it a try.

Source from Japan Trend Shop, also you can buy this gadget in there.


July 9, 2008

Mouse On Fingers

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Weird gadgets will often appear once in a while and this time a mouse that you can wear in your fingers. This mouse is called 3D Optical Computer Wireless Finger Mouse, is wireless as you can see in the pictures, and in some sense its design is kind of stylish. This thing will costs $42, is a fair price.

Source PcLaunches


May 29, 2008

Express Your Expressions While Driving

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As every one knows that there is no way you can show your expressions while driving, but now you will have a chance that kind of can helps you with that. A company called Drivemocion created a sign that can attach to the rear window of the car. What the sign does is to shows four expressions figures that people wanna show to the others: happy, anger, cheeky, but people can not set any custom expressions. For more details you can go to there official website Drivemocion. This thing costs about $49, so is not that expensive for this fun gadget. A video below that shows how this thing really works.


May 13, 2008

Desktop Toy

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Do you get bored of facing your desktop since there is no one talks with you? Now a days there are many desktop toys out in the market that you can buy for fun when you facing the computer, for two examples Nabaztag Rabbit, and Bandai Tachikoma Electronics Robot, if you are a Ghost in the Shell fan. And now I am presenting you the Chatterbots. I think is kind of fun to have on the desktop, and also cheap.


May 9, 2008

Special Skateboard:The Magic Wheel

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If you minimize a bicycle what you get is this Magic Wheel. This thing does look a little weird, but I will definitely take a try with it if I have a chance. The official says this thing only takes couple hours to learn how to ride. I think the only problem to this thing is the price. It costs $349 U.S, so is about the price of a xbox360. If I have to choose between the xbox360 and the Magic Wheel, I will go for the the xbox360 for sure. Below there is a video showing you how this wheel works. Magic Wheel’s Official


May 7, 2008

The Labyrinth Security Lock

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artlebedev.com which is the website that made the legendary keyboard,Optimus Maximus keyboard. Now this time they lunched this lock which I think is very stupid, but someone will must loves it.


April 30, 2008

Stupid Invention 2

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Another stupid invention that I found useless. Putting a wii controller on your head which is ridiculous. Who will use their head to play games by shaking their head? you just can see while shaking. Also, the fun of the game will totally disappear for sure.


April 25, 2008

Keyboard On Pants

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Did you find difficulty caring a notebook keybord and a mouse without a bag? Well, some smart asses created a pants which combined with a keybord and a mouse on it. Also the pants is stylish that has a low rise style, so you can have a stylish and technical pants in the same time.


April 16, 2008

Robot Guitar

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If you do play any of the music instruments, then you must know that one of the most important thing to learn is to learn how to tune the sound of your instrument right before you can rock yourself. There are two ways that you can tune your music instruments; either using tools, like Tuner, which can helps you tune to the right sound and is easy to use and cheap;or if you are the lucky enough that you are one out of every thousand people that you have a gift which god gave you, the Perfect pitch or Absolute pitch(is the ability to recognize tones without first hearing any reference tone.). Then you can tune your music instrument by ear without using any of the tools. However, whether you are use tools or use your ear, either way will take you some time to tune your music instrument. If you are good at tuning, it will only takes you about 5 minutes, or if you are not good at tuning, it will takes about 10 minutes. Now Gibson introduce you a guitar that it can tunes itself automatically by only use about 4 seconds. This Robot Guitar is a little expensive since it has the new tech in,$3,599 for the right one and $3,999 for the left one.