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March 11, 2009

Robot Lamp

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Recently found this interesting robot lamp was only costed $15 in ebay. I thought it was quite fun to have one in the desk so I ordered one like a week ago. The item came yesterday and totally took about a week and a half for it to arrived, so is kind of long. The overall quality of this lamp is ok, though it has some flaws on the stand; but other than that everything is in great condition. However, all those little flaws on the stand are really not a big problem, the real important thing is this lamp is hella fun. The robot has numerous movable joints which allow the robot to make various poses, so you can use your imagination to create as many creative poses as you want. Moreover, the robot has two hands, the left hand is a clip and the right hand is a holder thing that you can make adjustment of. So if you are interested in this lamp you can type “robot lamp” in ebay then you can find the item. I just checked the price today and the price has drop to $12.99 including shipping. (Note, I am not making a advertisement here, I just want to share this lamp with you guys.)


September 18, 2008

“Thumb” Drive

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When we talking about thumb drive, we do not really mean a drive in a thumb or anything to do with thumbs. However, this gadget is a “real” thumb drive. I do not know is this a cool gadget or not since different people like different things, so you decide whether or not this a good gadget for you to use. This drive has the storage of 2GB, and costs $20 U.S.

Via Usb Geek


August 10, 2008

Wooden Mirror

Source Environmental Graffiti

This mirror was made with wood, but can reflect like a mirror.

“Created by Daniel Rozen this incredible wooden mirror is made up of 830 tiny wood each controlled by a small motor. A camera gathers light and shape data and sends it to a computer which then shifts the panels to create the image in front of the device. The can’t provide a detailed image but still it’s pretty cool to see and hear those little wooden pieces move and mimic everything you do” Oddity Central.


May 22, 2008

A LCD That is Anti-scratch, Anti-knock, And You Can Draw On It

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Not long ago, Asus launched a model LS20 LCD which has a rumor in the internet saying that even crossbow can not break its screen. Today Asus announced the second version of the LS201 LCD, the LS221H.


May 6, 2008

NextGen Battery

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What will the NextGen battery looks like and how does it works? that’s what everyone is wondering. Now Sony officially announced their NextGen battery, the burning battery.


April 30, 2008

Longest Lasting Batteries In the World

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Panasonic has announced their new type of battery Evolta, and said that their new battery will be the longest lasting battery in the world and has been proved by the Guinness World Records. Moreover Its electricity power will be 15% more than any other common batteries nowadays. Panasonic said they will release Evolta soon this year worldwide, but they have already released in Japan. Suggested retail price in Japan would be 590yen for 4 batteries, about $5.66 U.S dollars.