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October 15, 2009

Overweight Cosplay

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Photo Source Via Unreality Magazine


August 21, 2009

When Super Heros Get Old

Source Via Unreality Magazine


June 9, 2008

Videos of the Week 4


May 8, 2008

Iron Dog

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If there is a Iron Man then you can not deny there is a Iron dog. Just like Superman and Super dog.

May 2, 2008

Iron Man The Movie Review

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I went to saw the movie Iron Man which everybody thinks it is a hot movie today. Before I went to saw the movie I did not give a lot of expectation to it since it just a common super hero movie. The format of a super hero movie is sample 1.The main character knows nothing at first and just a normal guy. 2.Fuck up by the baddies (some did not have this step). 3.starts to know his true power, and begins to kicks ass the baddies. 4. Finds his true lover. 5. Kicks ass the final bad guy. 6.The end.


April 28, 2008

Iron Man the Figure

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As everybody know that Iron Man the movie will be on screen on 5/2, and I will definitely go and see it. Moreover, Iron Man the figure is coming out soon too. If you are a Iron Man or American hero fan this is a must have figure due to its high quality painting. It will costs about 25,460 yen in Japan, and $139.99 in the U.S. Reserve only.