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August 13, 2009

Cosplay 9

Photo Source Via De Die In Diem


July 26, 2009

Messy Room Collection 2

Source Via Danny Choo

This time all the messy rooms are located in Japan and they are belong to the Hikikomori (a Japanese term to refer to the phenomenon of reclusive individuals who have chosen to withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement because of various personal and social factors in their lives) Wiki.


July 17, 2009

Cosplay 8

Photo Source Via De Die In Diem


July 15, 2009

Cosplay 7

Photo Source Via De Die In Diem


July 3, 2009


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Photo Source Via Behoimi (if you like the photos of this cosplayer you can check out more of her photos in there)

Source Via Danny Choo Member Stuff


June 15, 2009

Cosplay 6

Photo Source Via Really Cute Asians


May 29, 2009

Photo Of Danboard

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This is another guy who only takes photo on this specific toy named Danboard. Find more photo in Danboard Invasion


March 8, 2009

Professional Grafitti Artist

Photo Source Via Binhone’s Photostream

Source Via Abduzeedo

Binho who is a Brazilian full time professional graffiti artist. His works contain some Japanese elements which expand his varieties of style. Check out more about Binho and other graffiti artists pluse their works in Grafitti Master


September 26, 2008

Show Girls

Some show girls in a Japanese Entertainment & machinery exhibition.

Via Akiba Kakaku


August 27, 2008

Youthful Idols

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The idol’s age in Japan just getting younger and younger. Is is very common to see photos of age 16,15,14…female idols wearing bikini or other sexy clothes on many gravure books. Here is a little video that talks about the young idol issue in Japan. It is very funny that some people do not think young idol is a problem, for me I think this is totally insane.

Via Danny Choo


August 18, 2008

A Japanese Cosplay Event

Via Moeyo1&Moeyo2



August 12, 2008

Amazing Art Work

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