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November 23, 2008

Lantern Wall In Japan

Via kirainet’s photostream

Some technology + tradition = amazing art work


August 10, 2008

Wooden Mirror

Source Environmental Graffiti

This mirror was made with wood, but can reflect like a mirror.

“Created by Daniel Rozen this incredible wooden mirror is made up of 830 tiny wood each controlled by a small motor. A camera gathers light and shape data and sends it to a computer which then shifts the panels to create the image in front of the device. The can’t provide a detailed image but still it’s pretty cool to see and hear those little wooden pieces move and mimic everything you do” Oddity Central.


May 15, 2008

Facial Recognition for Purchasing Cigarettes

Vending machine in Japan is very common like we having fast food restaurants everywhere in the U.S. Some of the vending machines in Japan are very rare to us since we do not have much vending machines in the U.S. For examples, noodle vending machine, ticket vending machines, comic vending machines, mp3 vending machines, underwear, DVD, Hamburger…man, they have so many vending machines that I cannot list them all. Read the rest of this entry


April 25, 2008

Keyboard On Pants

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Did you find difficulty caring a notebook keybord and a mouse without a bag? Well, some smart asses created a pants which combined with a keybord and a mouse on it. Also the pants is stylish that has a low rise style, so you can have a stylish and technical pants in the same time.